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Swissair AG/S.A. (German: Schweizerische Luftverkehr-AG; French: S.A. Suisse pour la Navigation Aérienne) was the national airline of Switzerland between its founding in 1931 and bankruptcy in 2002.


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Former Contractor - Swiss Air CSSR says

"HR and Management doesnt care about their employees. You work only night shifts and they dont tell u that in advance. Worst company I ve ever worked for."

Former Employee - CSSR Customer Service Sales Representative says

"Micromanagement, unattainable targets, hostile leadership"

Julian says

"Unhelpful, uncaring and inflexible during covid even with all the promises on their website."

Julia says

"Warning - they are keeping your money! Swiss Air just keeps your money and wastes your time. We've had the same experience as other reviewers on here: Flight between London and Zurich cancelled due to Covid in March - moved it to a date in May which we could not take it because CH only opened its borders on 5 June and we were in the UK lockdown. Was happy to accept a future travel voucher which never materialised. Webpage link for issuing the voucher has not been working properly, dozens of emails and phone calls since then. Some friendly, some trying to be helpful, some just flippant. I just had Frau RR quoting the terms and conditions back to me (which were surely drafted without facing a pandemic!). They are holding our payment hostage! Very shabby! I can recommend BA on the same route. Throughout the summer - whenever we had to reschedule / cancel flights they were nothing but courteous and we had a travel voucher or refund within an hour of applying for it. EasyJet also very quick, professional and super customer-centred. It seems as if Swiss Air is happy to lose customers and its reputation."

Tone Dalen says

"Booked a trip through Supesaver from Oslo to Zurich that was cancelled 18th March. Tried to call Swiss Airlines, but the woman I talked to from customer service was rude, and pretended she did not find my reference number in the system. Hung up thereafter. They refused to take responsibility for the cancelled flight. I expected better by Swiss Airlines. According to Supersaver, Swiss Air refuses to pay out refunds, that's why we cannot get our money back. Here is the reference: KZXZ6R. Bookingnumber: 4SA6MX. This is what I got from Supersaver today: Søknad om tilbakebetaling mottatt Vi har mottatt søknaden din om tilbakebetaling. Søknad om tilbakebetaling til Swiss Vi har søkt om tilbakebetaling fra flyselskapet. Venter på at Swiss skal behandle søknaden"

paul Staines says

"Was badly stung by associate company Eidelweiss back in Feb 2020 and still no refund. I booked a flight, 600 euro approx, to Cape Town, through Opodo. After the booking was confirmed I was advised the price had gone up by 500 euro!!. I of course said I was no longer interested but the money was taken from my account. Opodo apologised and gave me reference claim number, promising me I would be refunded within 10 days. Still waiting! Worse, the claim number is now not even recognised by Opodo. Paul"

MS. M YAHYA says

"Zero review if it were possible. I bought a ticket in November 2020 London Heathrow to Dar es Salaam, in advance for June 2021. A week before travel, on checking my ticket, I found that not only had they cancelled the flight because of Corona, but hadn’t bothered to inform me. They had partnered up with Ethiopian Airlines and were offering alternative tickets to the same destination, but I was not eligible. I called them several times and was put on hold for almost an hour until I gave up. Eventually had to buy another ticket for Ethiopian Airways, and tickets were at a prime price of £750. When I came back in July, called them again several times, same thing. Wrote them an email, and they said I had to get in touch with my Travel Agency. The travel agency told me to call every fortnight in the hopes that Swiss Air would respond. They have now acknowledged that Swiss Air is not willing to repay, but is ‘encouraging’ people to rebook their tickets. Looking at tickets for next year, they are starting at £1000 plus. I am supposed to pay the difference, which is more than the ticket itself."

Jimmi Rasmussen says

"Incredible bad service! Used one and a half hour on the phone to book on ticket for my daughter. And I has not been completed yet. I GAVE UP!!! This is not. My first experice with bad service from this company. It just one of many! My daughter lives in Denmark and I'm living in Switzerland. We have used the company several times and have had many bad experinces with this company! Don't use them if they can be avoided!"

Dorthea Stubbe Østergaard says

"I broke my leg while on holiday in Venice and my insurance company organised additonal seats on my flights home, as I had to have my leg raised while flying. They also organised assistance in Venice, Zurich and Copenhagen airports. The assistance in the airports was excellent but Swiss Air was hopeless throughout my journey. The lady at the check-in counter at Venice barely spoke English and had no idea on how to cope with my booking. She asked several colleagues who had no clue either, and she eventually phoned their head office. She refused the assistance offered by a helpful Italian speaking passenger in the check-in queue. After about 90 minutes we finally got checked-in. I asked for a pillow or a blanket to cushion my back from the arm rest, but that was refused, so I was extremely uncomfortable during the flights. The staff gave me no guidance about when and how I should board or disembark the planes. Making me reliant on help from my friends, who sat in another part of the plane, and kind fellow passengers. We had to disembark from the rear of the plane in Copenhagen but when I got there (not an easy task on crutches!) I was told I had to disembark from the front, so I had to walk through the plane again. When I asked why they had not told me earlier the staff just shrugged their shoulders. It already quite stressful to travel after an accident and it wouldn't have taken much of an effort for the staff to make things a bit easier for me. Sadly I had the impression that they didn't really care."

Ben Scott says

"Would give zero stars if possible. Diabolical service - they don’t seem to realise there’s a global pandemic on and wouldn’t let us pay them more money to change our flight from AMS-ZÜRICH to MAN-ZÜRICH. Stole our fare and were totally inflexible throughout. A special word for Agent Kene - the rudest, most abhorrent man I’ve ever had the misfortune to talk to. We are driving 240 miles to fly from Luton to Zurich with easyJet to avoid having to use this airline even though it would be a 15 minute journey to our nearest airport. Honestly, avoid at ALL costs."

Enraged says

"Horrendous! It’s been over 90 days and I’m still waiting for my refund (for my flight cancelled over 3 months ago by you)! And apparently Hopper have also been waiting for you to reply to them for 3 months with my refund approval! But who knows as you rudely don’t reply to any of my emails!"

Yahya Mohamed says

"my flight has been canceled. i have not been notified of the cancellation until i called. asked for refund, they said to contact my travel agent and travel agent says the airlines didn't refund. Cancellation should be refunded within 2-3 weeks not more than this. taking customer money, not supporting them or answering any email, providing wrong information that you will be refunded and never happened. not answering any emails. in some cases rude customer services. not clear when i get my refund. unethical dealing with money and fraudulent behavior. this is more than enough for authorities to suspend the lisence until refunding customers!"

Lars jespersen says

"I bought 3 tickets to Thailand in April month. I contacted Swissair in beginning of june via twitter and asked if they still would fly in at the 13 of July: they gave me cryptical answer "according to our database we will fly" 2 days after they cancelled, without any notice... I applied for a refund, and tld that in meantime my bank change account and card number. And the bank can only check if swissair give me the exact amount, time for transferring. I wrote to them again, this tuesday and they haven't answer me after 5 days I wrote again and still no answer. I am normally very happy with swissair, but I am frustrated with the lack of support and clear answers. They can take your money, in seconds and keep them for months, and when they make it up and cancelling, it take more than 1 and a half month to return your own money. This is not fair reasonable practice for the customer. we should make a group on #SOME, to claim that companies like swissair should return customers money asap, it shouldn't be legal."

H W says

"Once you hand your money to Swiss Air you will never see it again!!! I bought tickets on Swiss Air official website and decided to cancel them a week later. I called customer service and got oral confirmation that the tickets have been cancelled and I will receive a refund. However, the customer service representative said there will be no confirmation email sent to me, as we would usually expect a confirmation of cancellation email. It has now been almost four months and I am still waiting for the refund. I have called them numerous times. Was told in April that the refund department was closed due to lockdown in Switzerland. I followed up the news and called again when Switzerland reopened. This time the excuse was - refund department is the last one to reopen! Keep waiting! I waited and waited and eventually got told that refund department is now open but too busy. “You need to wait to submit a form to request for refund but the form has not been available yet.”( customer service said) I was so angry about this - you confirmed that I am entitled for a refund but all of sudden I need to APPLY in order to get my refund. What about people who are still waiting for refund but have not called to chase? If they don’t apply AGAIN they will not be refunded? Then I got told because I paid with HK dollars so I need to make special request for the refund. I am furious about this excuse - when I bought the tickets online, you had no issue charging me HK dollars. I would have loved to use an EU currency to pay but the system prompted me to use HK dollars. When it comes to refund I have to go through an extra step to APPLY. How ridiculous! Btw I did offer to receive refund in Euro or pounds but the answer I got is NO. I seriously suspect that Swiss Air is holding the money belongs to passengers and actually NEVER INTENDED to pay it back! I reserve my legal rights to bring claims against Swiss Air to get my money back. And of course, never never use Swiss Air, never!!!"

Marianna B says

"awful deceitful airline. Do not fly with Swiss. Flights cancelled and for the last 5 months i am unable to get a refund. No telephone number, rude representatives, 3 online complaints and NOTHING. I will have to take them to the small claims court. There is no other way."

Matt W says

"Booked Swiss many months ago before the pandemic. Flights had to be cancelled fair enough, not their fault. But to be refusing refunds and holding onto customers money is disgusting! They are nothing but thieves and criminals! Breaking their own T&Cs which they are quick to throw in their customers faces! I would advise anyone to NOT BOOK SWISS they are a terrible company should things go wrong!"

vinales75 says

"Swiss refuses to give refunds under ANY circumstances, even if they cancel your flight. They are happy to leave people stranded worldwide without any hope of a refund or replacement flight. Stay well away from this company. They smell like an airline close to bankruptcy. Never book with them. You have been warned!"

Colin says

"For goodness sake Swiss....stop playing games with people and their money! Just remember...YOU cancelled the flight...not ME! Yes, airlines are finding it tough getting through this nightmare can other airlines refund in a matter of days (Jet2) and you make it virtually impossible to get to the right refund page on your website (accepting vouchers not a problem of course). I managed to find it and sent in a claim...which they said they will respond to in due course. I read some clients have been told they might have to wait until later in the year. What disgusting service from what is a national wonder the old Swissair went bust! It may be a case of a Section 75 credit card claim if nothing happens. Watch this space!"

Barbara Leptig says

"Didn’t get to fly because of the corona virus but this company is very slow to refund two round-the-world business class tickets. They’ve had our money for nine months and was told it will take another 12 weeks. Also there might be a cancellation fee even though we didn’t cancel...they did!! This delay is not acceptable."

Lee Cartwright says

"71% poor reviews, and the rest. Ignorant, unprofessional in that they fail to reply or address concerns. Pointless sending to the CEO on resolver as he is just as ignorant. Fly with them if you want rude service or staff who haven't a clue, and to think they proclaim to be competent on their web page. Better paying more for your flight with anyone else. Just look on any web site at the moment re Asian flights and they are the cheapest-WONDER WHY, this company is run by clowns"

Newton Andres says

"Terrible customer services. Do not use this airline. Keeping his customers money. just lies. against the law. I was robbed for this company. waiting 7 weeks for me refund and they keep lying."